9/11/2001: A Day We Cannot Forget

September 11, 2012 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

I was in my French class, 2nd period, at West Bloomfield High School. I think we were going over a quiz that we had just received back. I wasn’t the best at French, so the teacher was probably going over a lot of my mistakes.

And in one moment, nothing else mattered for the rest of the school day and school week. The principal came over the loud speaker, saying something similar to, “There’s been a plane crash at the World Trade Center.” To be honest, I didn’t readily identify the World Trade Center so I didn’t really realize the extent of these happenings. The principal then said she would keep us updated on the situation, but soon, the lunch bell sounded and the halls and cafeteria filled up quickly.

They set up about 3 TV’s in the cafeteria, and as more and more information/pictures were broadcasted, a blanket of shock and sadness struck the cafeteria. I can remember the feeling that came over me because the next few hours were so powerful that I can recapture today how I exactly felt. I wanted to go home. I wanted to go home and hug my parents. I wanted to go home to find out if the people we knew in NY were okay. In a nutshell, that moment changed and opened my perspective.

It’s human nature to forget things. We move on. We adjust. We sometimes go on in life taking it for granted, thinking we will be here forever, thinking we’ll always be around loved ones, thinking we’ll always be able to see our friends. And it’s days like 9/11/01 which put life into perspective. These days create perfect pictures. The fact is, we won’t be here forever. So, it’s important that we don’t forget days like this, because it’s days like this that remind us not to forget. Not to forget to tell your Mom you love her when you get off the phone. Things like that. It’s a reminder to never say, “I’ll do it next time.”

Here’s a poem I wrote in the 10th grade after 9/11: My prayers go out to the families of the victims that died that tragic day.

I began the day in my normal way,
the exact way I started every day.
But when I woke up I didn’t know,
our Nation would suffer a vast low blow.
Unlike anything anyone has ever seen,
thousands dead before the clock hit 11:15.
Well planned, well executed, well trained.
How do you hijack 4 planes is insane.
We have been through tragedy before,
to the families hurting, we can’t ignore.
We must continue to pray for those inside,
without much warning, there was no where to hide.
We must pull together with great unity,
now, stories of rubble is all you see.
For we will never forget this sad day,
where few have survived, and thousands still lay.
Now it is time for us to pass the test,
and prove again, that America is still best.

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November 30, 1999

Stop Saying “Nothing Much”

June 8, 2012 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

Calvin Johnson

I had a convo the other day and it went like this:

“What’s going on Mike?” – Me

“Dave what’s up man?” – Mike

“Nothing much – What’s good your way?” – Me

Typical intro conversation. Happens all the time right? But this time was different. I immediately thought about what I had just said, “Nothing much.”

NOTHING MUCH? That’s what I’m speaking into existence? Someone asks me what’s going on with me… they ask what I’m up to? And I say, “NOTHING MUCH?” I immediately was disappointed in myself.

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The Choice Is Yours – MLK Speech for UM’s Black Volunteer Network

January 18, 2012 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

MLK Speech
Every year, the Black Volunteer Network at the University of Michigan hosts a scholarship weekend in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They invite high school juniors and seniors from Detroit to participate in activities on campus and experience college life first hand. I was so blessed and honored to have the opportunity to share my story and experience with these young people this past Sunday as a Keynote Speaker. I wanted to stress to the high school students the importance of education and making a conscious decision/choice to be remarkable. You can take a listen to my speech directly below. There are also pictures after the jump!

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What If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Never Told Us His Dream?

January 17, 2012 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

I had the wonderful privilege of honoring the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. yesterday by being the Keynote Speaker at the Romulus Community Celebration at Romulus High School. It truly brought joy to my heart to share a few words. For my speech, I expanded upon my piece “Wisdomisms – Breaking News: Someone is Waiting on Your Story.” I will hopefully get the video feed soon, however, I wanted to share my speech with you today:

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to stand before you as we honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is with great appreciation that I am here, and I do not take it lightly. So I truly thank you. This is a stupendous day. God is so good and I give him all honor and praise for allowing me to be here with you today.

I always like to ask myself interesting questions. And as I was going over my notes for today’s speech last night, I stopped and thought to myself, “wow.” Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in 1929 and was assassinated in 1968, at the age of 39. And we are 43-44 years later and we still to this day, make sure to stop…pause…and celebrate his life. So I asked myself, “Why?” “What was so different?” “What was so unique about this individual that every year we make sure to stop…pause…and celebrate his life?” I continued to roll this over in my head.

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Poetic Flows – There Is No Indispensable Man by Saxon White Kessinger

January 10, 2012 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

Sometimes. People say it a lot better than you can. Michigan Basketball Great, Cazzie Russell, recited this poem at the Player Development Center Dedication Gala this past weekend.

Sometime when you’re feeling important;
Sometime when your ego’s in bloom
Sometime when you take it for granted
You’re the best qualified in the room,

Sometime when you feel that your going
Would leave an unfillable hole,
Just follow these simple instructions
And see how they humble your soul;

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Poetic Flows – The Source

December 20, 2011 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

We can’t do it on our own,
Every moment is a gift.
The breath of life alone,
Any moment it could shift.

So we recognize our source,
The only source in fact.
Who always stays on course,
The living word, anchored intact.

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December 6, 2011 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

So many reasons,
So many, “I’ll do it next seasons.”

I got ideas. Visions.
Like quitting my job to open up kitchens.
Grilled chickens.

But risk is scary.
Not knowing what tomorrow brings clearly,
Is what I fear dearly.

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Final Destination

November 29, 2011 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

This is not your final destination.

I’ve been here before,
Familiar territory, common lanes.
But there’s got to be more in store? Greater gains.

You see, progress is a process.
And it’s funny how sometimes we are more as less.

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One of the Greatest Gifts

November 22, 2011 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

I want to be somebody,
I want to go somewhere.
I been woke, I been paying attention.

But nobody else seems to see.
The people closest to me.
I try and I try and I try,
Yet the fives never reach the hi.

Too slow.

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Due Season

November 15, 2011 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

Isiah Thomas' Wisdom
I feel I’ve been past due,
Milk carton expiration.
Old news,
How long do I have to keep on waiting?
I planted with blood, sweat, and tears,
Almost on empty.
I need an oil change for my gears,
Can’t get to Jiffy.

But I’m digging deep within me.

In well doing I refuse to get weary.
Because that’s the key to this thing clearly.

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