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So many reasons,
So many, “I’ll do it next seasons.”

I got ideas. Visions.
Like quitting my job to open up kitchens.
Grilled chickens.

But risk is scary.
Not knowing what tomorrow brings clearly,
Is what I fear dearly.

What if things don’t happen,
What if I fail.
And the skills I’m lacking,
All who see me can tell.

But we all have a choice.
And deep down within us a voice.
Will we listen?
Or continue to run with the pigeons.

Our reality is a deterrent,
The rules say we can’t fly.
But when our faith is determined,
We give rise to a limitless sky.

The wind can blow,
The waves may move.
But if you don’t jump,
It’s those around you who lose.

Why do those around you lose? Come back next week to find out.
-David M.

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