Premiere of DPS Inside Voices, A Series Centered on Detroit Public Schools

June 13, 2012 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

Some call the Detroit Public School (DPS) system the worst public school system in the country. Some say there have been improvements. Most say there’s still a long way to go. But very rarely, does the general public get to see visuals and hear the sounds of what goes on inside DPS from the people that experience it day after day: principals, teachers, students, and non-profit organizations on the ground. The constituents that truly matter. Here at Merit, we’re working on providing those visuals and sound bites through DPS Inside Voices, a series centered on the Detroit Public School system.

The first video episode features a very candid interview with Principal Jared Davis of Detroit Finney High School. He talks about his role as Principal, daily challenges facing the school, and what accomplishments his students have achieved despite those challenges.

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DPS Inside Voices

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