The Pursuit Pt. 1 – Hayes Grooms IV

December 1, 2011 Posted by Hayes Grooms No Comments

Hayes Grooms - The Pursuit
“The Pursuit” will be a bi-weekly feature on Goodness Determined, written by my brother, Hayes Grooms IV. He’s extremely intelligent and talented, so make sure to check back often for more. You can also follow Hayes on Twitter – @H_Grooms

Life is a sum of days. We each get a day and with that we each get a choice, sometimes two or three. What we do with those choices determines our life. And at one point in my life, I faced a crucial choice that changed everything.

After I decided to go over a thousand miles from home to play basketball in Texas, I was alone, scared, and quite honestly failing. Nothing was going right. I changed my major twice because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. When things couldn’t get any worse, I broke my foot and missed the entire season. I felt like a washed up athlete who didn’t have a Plan B. This was rock bottom. And when you’re down, you have a choice to either stay dormant or get back up. It got me thinking, and I realized that I neglected my core. I took for granted the power of choice and if I didn’t figure it out, I would ultimately lose myself. I determined at that moment that changes had to be made. I learned that basketball didn’t define me. I recognized that I needed new challenges, perhaps a new school. So, I decided to leave Texas. I had no idea what was ahead, yet I made a choice. Then, I wrote down three goals: improve my core, land an internship at IMG in Manhattan, and gain acceptance to transfer to the University of Michigan. Consequently, I accomplished goals two and three, only after I put myself as my number one priority.

It was a defining lesson. Life is a process. It’s a journey where each day is different and unique. Nothing really stays the same. Life always changes and your choices have to roll like waves. I like to use the ocean as a metaphor of life. It’s more than surface; there are surges, hurricanes, tides, tsunamis and even calm, much like our lives. We get laid off. The car breaks down. We lose loved ones. We transfer schools. We never know the unpredictable nature of life. However, an individual’s core is a constant like the water in the sea. In spite of the flux and shifts, the elements of water and the principles of one’s center must persevere. If your foundation remains steady and strong, it can withstand anything. Whatever curve ball life throws at you; it won’t matter. We must strengthen our core as often as life challenges us. Too many of us drop the ball on our personal development. We are influenced by what’s happening around us, as opposed to what’s going on within us.

Live in the moment. Don’t let the everyday scare you, instead let it prepare you. Never lose sight. Prevent fear from halting your steps. Give your words truth when you speak them. There’s power to words, if you apply it to action. So make them positive, do what you say and don’t hesitate to decide. A choice is a half chance. Be relentless in your urgency to make the right one. Life is a true blessing. Let nothing get in the way of your personal pursuit. Make no excuse in an opportunity to capture a moment of greatness. Time and tide wait for no one. So, ride the waves and seize your life.

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