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Remembering Names

Man I stink at this. I really stink at this. Why is it so hard for me to pay attention and remember a name when I’m introduced to somebody? It’s like my mind turns off and then I don’t even have a chance.

So sometimes I quickly follow up with, “What’s your name again?” aka “Hey! I’m trying!” That’s good, right? But then, I forget again. I still stink.

Selective hearing. I watched this show about selective hearing. I can’t remember what it was. I think it was Everybody Loves Raymond, which is probably the closest thing to reality on television. They say a lot of men, (Frank or Raymond) only listen to what they want to listen to. They may hear something, however, if it’s not in their best interest to listen, they tune that person out.

But selective hearing can’t be the issue here, can it? Is it not in my best interest to listen? Do I not care to remember somebody’s name? That’s rude. I’m not rude. Am I? I don’t want to be.

And remembering names is really important! It’s a valuable asset not only in business, but also in pretty much every social arena. I mean first impressions are extremely key and when you can state somebody’s name while conversing, people like that. It demonstrates you’re intrigued and engaged in the conversation you’re having with that person. You’re really showing interest. (This paragraph was written by Debra and Marie. Not together though)

So I decided to research some best practices when it comes to remembering names. I believe these are the most useful Tips for Remembering Names that I found:

1. Pay Attention!: Many of us don’t even catch the other person’s name when they’re being introduced; we’re too focused on ourselves. So the first step to remembering a name is to pay attention as you are introduced. via CNN/Career Builder

2. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. The most surefire strategy is to repeat the person’s name–both in your head, and out loud–as soon as possible after you’ve been introduced. Occasionally use the person’s name in conversation. “Pleasure to meet you, Bob,” or “Bob, so good to see you.” Don’t overdo it, of course, but don’t worry that Bob will recoil, either. He’d rather you remember his name than not. via Forbes.com

3. Picture it written on their forehead: Franklin Roosevelt continually amazed his staff by remembering the names of nearly everyone he met. His secret? He used to imagine seeing the name written across the person’s forehead. This is a particularly powerful technique if you visualize the name written in your favorite color of Magic Marker. via CNN/Career Builder

Remembering Names

4. Use word association: Try to connect a person’s name with a familiar image or famous person. For example, if a woman’s name is Jacqueline, picture her as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in a pink suit and pillbox hat. If a man’s name is Arnold, imagine him as the “Terminator” or striking a body-builder pose. via CNN/Career Builder

5. Trust Yourself: Many of us ‘believe’ that we are “horrible at names” and we are very ‘proud’ of this fact by telling other people about it. By relying on this story we’ve created, we instantly forget people’s names the moment we hear it, without even trying, because we are “horrible at names”. I have been guilty of this. So, STOP telling people that you are “Bad at names”. You are not bad at names, you just have not implemented a system that worked for you yet. Tell yourself, “I am fantastic at remembering names! And I’m gonna practicing start now.” via Think Simple Now

Now I’m ready to remember some names!!!!

Do you have any trouble remembering names or tips for those that struggle? Share it with us!

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