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Hayes Grooms - The Pursuit
Take it one day at a time. That’s what they tell you. But those days add up. Then there’s 756 one days. And for some, 756 one days of not achieving the end goal. Not getting to the place you want to be. Not being at the place you want to see.

But what if you just gave it one more day? The harm?

I learned a lot playing under Coach Beilein at Michigan. But if I could only speak on one lesson taken from his teachings and knowledge, it would be his constant proclamation, “Let’s get better today.” It seems simple, however, it’s extremely powerful.

He was brought in to revive the Michigan Basketball program and we go 10-22 his first year. And during the season, when it took us ages to win our first Big Ten game, the message stayed the same. Forget the losses. Forget the media. Forget the naysayers. The question we must answer, “Did we get better today? Did we give our best shot?”

We made the NCAA tournament the next year for the first time in 11 years, going 21-14. It was the biggest turnaround in the entire NCAA that year. But journeys aren’t covered/crossed overnight right?

Building a culture. Creating a product. Establishing a community. It all takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Or does it?

I argue it does. If we just look at today. Our success is a culmination of the effort we put forth on a daily basis. Our battle is with today. One day. That’s all we can really work with.

Looking back at that season in 2009, did we reach the NCAA tournament on Selection Sunday? Or was it reached every single day that we got better? Every single time we won a day.

I encourage you to stop thinking about five years from now. Stop thinking about how far you have to go. How much work is still left to complete.

Just focus 100% on today. Win today. Get better today.

And when tomorrow gets here… do it again. What’s the harm in fighting for one more day?

Question: What are you going to do today?

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- Inspired by Coach John Beilein & Bishop I.V. Hilliard

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