Goodness Determined: The First 30 Days

December 4, 2011 Posted by David Merritt No Comments

First 30 Days - Blog Metrics

I launched Goodness Determined on November 2nd as my personal blog, as well as the place where all will be revealed in reference to What Happened to IMU? (More revelations coming soon) On Friday, we eclipsed the 30 day mark and are beyond pleased with the response that we’ve received from our visitors and readers. One of our goals is to be very open and transparent about the development of Goodness Determined, as we look forward to sharing insights and data to keep you in the loop. The more you know, the more you will understand what’s going on. Here’s a look at our first 30 days and some of the key metrics we are taking a look at to determine success:

Overview Statistics
4,109 visits and 2,460 unique visitors
2.98 pages/visit
3:18 average time on site
Close to 41% returning visits to the site

First 30 Days - Blog Metrics

Conversation Rate (We encourage you to talk with us! Comment, share, tweet, like)
46 visitor comments / 68 posts = .67%

RSS Feed Subscribers (Click here to sign up for GD’s RSS Feed)
Averaging 11 daily subscribers that access the site through RSS feeds

First 30 Days - Blog Metrics

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First 30 Days - Blog Metrics

That’s a quick look at Goodness Determined’s first 30 days. Help us get our numbers up and we’ll be back after another 30 days with more data and metrics to update you on how it’s going. If you have any feedback for us, drop us a comment below or head to the Ask Me page to send a private message. Thanks so much for your support and we can’t do anything without you!

Does anyone have any additional metrics that you use to track your blog’s success? Please share.

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