The Pursuit Pt. 3 – There is Always a Beginning

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Hayes Grooms - The Pursuit
“The Pursuit” will be a bi-weekly feature on Goodness Determined, written by my brother, Hayes Grooms IV. He’s extremely intelligent and talented, so make sure to check back often for more. You can also follow Hayes on Twitter – @H_Grooms

Today is a new day, a new year, and, in essence, a blank canvas. I recently visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, and stood in awe of the inspiration within. I roamed the halls of Grecian and Egyptian sculpture. I gazed at Romare Bearden’s masterpiece, “The Block,” a colorful and insightful collage of the very neighborhood in which I live. I admired bold, bronze, warrior masks of my African forefathers. I daydreamed among the Impressionists—the Monets, Cezannes and Van Goghs— and reflected on what this could all mean. Why were there so many people doing the very same thing as me and my family in this great space? What was it about these grand works of art that literally pulled us in?

It was the power of realization. We stand before these incredible experiences; and we realize that—at one point— they didn’t have bright colors, landscapes, faces, features, or their story. Instead, they were simply blank, empty canvases and formless, blocks of rock. In many ways, we identify with both the artist and the art. Our lives parallel the possible every day. We may not hold the gift of brushing magical strokes of art, but we do hold the power of realizing our dreams, our goals, and our aspirations.

Each of those successful artists housed within the Met and other museums around the world, took hold of a vision, realized their pursuit and transformed it into something wonderful. We must do the same thing with our lives. In order to make your purpose real, you must realize your pursuit. Think about what you would want to create and what it would look like. Imagine how brilliant it could become. Look in the mirror and deal with what could get in the way. Are you honest with yourself? Do you understand your strengths and weaknesses? What doubts and fears haunt you? How will you remove the burdens and challenges ahead that may hinder your progress along your journey?

We are all special, and our lives are testament to this truth. Don’t underestimate the tremendous consciousness, introspection, and effort it will take along your pursuit. There’s always the first step. Everything has a start, even great art with its beginning stroke.

Therefore, stand before your canvas, and determine your unique masterpiece. And should you ever need a reminder, take a stroll at your local museum. The masters are there, and you’ll feel like they’re only whispering to you. So, listen closely, go forth and create.

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